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It’s time,huh?

Well, i managed to take my personal webspace somewhere out there and of course the first thing to set up was my blog ;). WordPress, was great but there was limitations you know. At this point I’d like to present you my new blog address, I hope y’all follow me there. Please update you bookmarks…


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In church…

[S. Lynch] Introduction to Applied Bayesian Statistics and Estimation for Social Scientists

Well, that’s a good book that you shouldn’t miss “Introduction to Applied Bayesian Statistics and Estimation for Social Scientists”. Why you shouldn’t miss it? Coz, it’s practical and I mean p r a c t i c a l big time!!!

I don’t own tons of (traditionally) printed books but that’s one of the few breaking the rule. I easily rank it above The Bayesian Core

First stop at all costs the book’s webpage to download the R & Winbugs code…

Springer | Amazon | Google Books | S. Lynch | Book Page

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Hello world (not much of a title,huh?)!

Why have a blog? First of all I’m unemployed therefor I have plenty of time to play around as well as surf around the web. Many times I post over at Talk Stats Forum either to help or to further confuse (unintentionally!) stat-stuck people.

Having that time at hand why not create a blog to elevate the discussion to a new audience?

For those wondering the blog title comes from the epic I may say tv-series “Stark Raving Mad” which aired at Greece too!

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